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Hand-crank sewing machine competition

We’ve done it again.   This year’s Steiglitz celebrations are offering you a competition you’ll all enjoy.  


Age, skills, experience, gender or sporting prowess…none of them matter.    All you need is the willingness to ‘have a go’.  For if you do, there’s a good chance you’ll win a prize as unique as this quirky town.

Intrigued?    Good…read on.  

Judi & Wayne McKail (of Sew What Maryborough) - see pic below .....   are a wonderfully eccentric couple.  Their travelling sewing machine exhibition is, some say, the biggest and best in the Southern Hemisphere.

Together they’ve concocted this year’s Steiglitz hand-crank sewing machine competition.  

Never used a hand crank sewing machine?  Or even seen one? Don’t worry.  Judi & Wayne say it’s easy.  They’ll even show you how.

Did you just ask, “But what do you have to sew?”

A Steiglitz-themed pennant.                                                                                    

One which will become part of the Back to Steiglitz bunting at day’s end.  Then forever more used at each & every future Steiglitz event.

And the prize in this fun competition?

One heck of a beautifully restored hand-crank sewing machine [not the one in the photo]– courtesy of the McKails.

Oh, and entry is free!   Be quick - fill in the application form and email it to us ASAP so you don't miss out.

This is our second special sewing competition - for more information on the first one see  "2014 - Our Special Sewing Competition!" on our What's New?   

If you have any more questions see more info on competition first and contact Lindy Allinson if appropriate on 03 5281 9390.