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New Gold Mining Proposal for Steiglitz

You’d think a historic town, nestled within a National Park would be safe from mining wouldn’t you?  Think again.  

Just weeks ago, a company with the exploration licence for this area, contacted me.  Their goal?   To find out how locals felt, before proceeding with their latest attempts to find gold in Steiglitz.  Stressing – this was not a necessity, simply a courtesy.

Now, you may think drilling a few test holes doesn’t sound overly damaging.  Though if they find what they hope to, the result will be devastating… to every element of life in this area. 

At a meeting it was obvious NOBODY WANTS THE MINING TO PROCEED.  !f you feel the same, then contact us….please!  We can add you to the ‘fight gold mining in Steiglitz’ email list.  

You do not have to be a local to have a say.  If you love this area, have childhood or family memories here, or simply want this special piece of public bushland to stay just that – then let us know.   Please join us and LIKE our Facebook Page and keep a close eye on the updates. 


Mr Roy Alexander Trotter's Memorial

My name’s Lindy, and it’s my privilege to tell you about a very special gentleman.  A man I considered the elder of Steiglitz…Mr Roy Alexander Trotter.

Roy was my neighbour for over 20 years.  Throughout which, he & I recorded the events of his life.  Although we didn’t finish what was to be the basis of our book, we did record a good portion of Steiglitz history.  All experienced, first hand, by a 96-year-old man who called Steiglitz home for most of his life.  Many of Roy’s own words have helped me to give you a glimpse of a friend I loved dearly.

This is Roy’s Story.  .....


Quilts ... and how they depict the history of women

Until recent times, history was recorded through the eyes and actions of men.  What they invented, conquered, ruled, erected and a multitude of other ‘achievements.’

It’s as if females never existed, or if we did, never achieved anything worth acknowledging.  Though what do we expect?  It is, after all, his-story!

However, the achievements, dreams and sacrifices of women around the world have been recorded. ....