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More info on competition

The aim - to sew a pennant…in one hour.

Yep, you heard right, you have one whole hour in which to create your bunting masterpiece!

Though don’t panic, for it can all be pre-cut beforehand, at home.

To make it fair, each pennant is to be a uniform size…12 inches by 14 inches.

Your Steiglitz design can be on one side.  It may be pinned in place only…no tacking allowed.  

In keeping with the Olde Worlde theme, no iron on, or glue to be used please.

All hand-crank machines will be pre-threaded. You may re-thread a machine if you want to use another colour, though it is to be done within your one hour sewing time.

When your hour is up, attach your name, then hand your finished pennant to the judges.


A group lesson can be arranged (at no cost) for anyone a little unsure of their abilities.  The lesson would possibly be at 9 am on the morning of the event.                                                      

Ring Lindy to discuss and book a place.  

Keep in mind, both hosts (Judi & Wayne of Sew What) assure us these machines are easy to use.


Everyone knows, no matter how careful we are, sometimes accidents happen.                                                  

In order to minimize any mishaps during this competition, spectators will be kept out of the sewing area.                                                                                                                     

Remember, a free lesson is on offer if you’re worried about using these sewing machines.                  

It’s also helpful if you have a clear plan in mind prior to sitting at the machines.  Know what you want to do, work within the safety guidelines required for operation of these machines, and everything should go smoothly.

 However, if an incident does occur due to human error, please know neither the Back to Steiglitz Association, nor Wayne & Judi McKail of Sew What, will be held responsible.  


There are no age restrictions in this wonderful competition.                                               

However, all minors wanting to enter need a responsible adult to accompany them.                                          

That same adult will take responsibility for the safety of that minor throughout the entire hour of sewing.


Fun! Fun! And more fun!

That’s right.  We, the Back to Steiglitz Association, and Judi & Wayne McKail, INSIST you enjoy yourselves when participating in this weird & wacky competition.

It’s essential.  No ifs, buts, or maybes about it!


Love the idea of this competition? Though your sewing skills leave much to be desired?              

Wayne & Judi have thought up something for you too.  

They have a quirky old machine embroidery machine.  So, for a gold coin donation, you can purchase one of the pre-cut pennants and have it personalized.  You can then watch as Judi adds it to the longest length of bunting ever created on a treadle & crank sewing machines in Steiglitz!  

If what you’ve just read has your cheeks hurting with all the smiling, then  fill out this entry form.

Remember, not just teams can enter.  Perhaps you’re a family whose sewing skills cross generations.      

If so, enter as a team!