Steiglitz BLOG

A surprise in the mail!

Unlike days gone by, the postie doesn’t stop long in Steiglitz anymore. 

However, we recently had a wonderful surprise.

Out of the blue the Back to Steiglitz (BtS) received a terrific surprise…a package, from Mr Brian Cleveland of Carnegie.

It was squishy, big and made this old hillbilly quite excited…who knew what it may contain?

Imagine my delight, and that of the entire BtS, when we discovered three beautiful, original pencil drawings of Steiglitz.  


In the accompanying letter, Brian explained how he hoped we would accept them.  For he didn’t know what else to do.  He had simply been going to “toss them out.”  

As you can see by the photos of said drawings, Brian is both a humble man, and a talented artist.

We were not only tickled pink to receive these precious artworks, though touched to also be given details of his wife’s connection to this little historic town.  For although Brian isn’t a descendant of Steiglitz settlers, his beloved wife, Margaret, was.  Unfortunately, Margaret passed away in 2013.  

What follows is Margaret Cleveland’s Steiglitz story…as told to me by her husband Brian.  

 In 1893, Margaret’s mother, Myra, was born into the ‘Brown’ family.  The Browns were one of the many families who called Steiglitz home.  Though Myra didn’t get to spend much of her childhood in Steiglitz.  Instead, having other family members who ran well established department stores throughout Tasmania, her family packed up and moved there in the late 1890s.

By 1920 Myra had fallen in love and married Sid Slater. The newlyweds, with dreams of farming, quickly moved to beautiful King Island.  However, some dreams simply never become reality…no matter how hard you try.  

Although Sid and Myra may not have succeeded at farming, their dream of becoming parents was another story all together.  For their wee daughter Margaret (Brian’s wife) was born there, in 1931.   Margaret’s island childhood continued until just before the war, when the family became ‘mainlanders’ when they moved to the Prahran/St. Kilda area of Melbourne.  

A move Brian will be forever grateful for; otherwise he may never have met and married his adored Margaret.

We, the BtS, would like to thank Brian for not only sharing his wife’s family story with us, though for gifting us his striking drawings.  I think they’re terrific.  Though Brian’s parting words lead me to believe he thinks otherwise.  He writes, “I hope to come out and do some more drawings one day. Consequently, of a higher standard this time!”

As I said, I reckon they’re great Brian.    And to all reading this, why don’t you let us know what you think too?   Or when at the next Steiglitz event, pop into Sugg’s and see them for yourself.

With both deep appreciation and thanks to Mr Brian Cleveland for such beautiful & personal gift.

Lindy Allinson and the entire Back to Steiglitz Association.