Have you seen this trophy?

Silly Billy Award

The Back to Steiglitz Association is seeking the whereabouts of our magnificent, locally hand-crafted trophy.

Each Festival, winners of our ‘Old Fogies’ (or Silly-Billy) Billy cart race get their name etched into the back of this beautiful piece of history.  After which they have two whole years to relish their reign…with the help of our awesome trophy.  

Then, and although we understand this is heartbreaking for some, it must be returned to our loving care.  For the next Champion eagerly awaits!

With our Festival fast approaching we’re beginning to panic.  How can you crown a new king if you can’t locate the crown?

This problem has never arisen before.  Though somehow, we neglected to record the last ecstatic winner’s name (pictured).  Meaning, we now know not where our beloved trophy is!

So if this unique piece of art has pride of place in YOURS or your mate’s shed, then please contact me asap.  For without it the Steiglitz Billycart Race just won’t be the same.

With earnest appreciation,

Lindy Allinson  5281 9390