Steiglitz Reunion & Quilts 2019

Sunday 27 October 2019 

In line with this age-old tradition, the Back to Steiglitz Association held the Back to Steiglitz Reunion, on Sunday 27th October, from 10 am until 3 pm.


It feels terrific to say, this year’s Back to Steiglitz Reunion & Airing of the Quilts was one incredible day.  I think everyone there would agree too, for it somehow felt more like a party then a public event.   

Must admit, I’d been worried.  With so many things going awry on the lead-up to the day, it felt like the Reunion simply wasn’t meant to be.  Yet, it was each of those random events which led to the day being so incredibly unique.  Pure ‘Serendipity.’

Although numbers were down compared to some years, it actually made the day feel intimate, cosy and oh-so-welcoming.  Just like arriving at your favourite (and slightly eccentric) elderly Aunty’s home for a big family gathering.  If you were lucky enough to have one, you’ll remember the kettle constantly on the boil.  Her kitchen table laden with your favourite foods.  Kids of all ages running around playing chasey, climbing trees or cuddled up on someone’s knee.  And relatives across the generations, catching up while sharing a cuppa & a chuckle.

The only difference was, most of these people enjoying themselves had never met!   

Such success was something I put down to Steiglitz itself.  This town’s hard to describe.  Yes, words can paint a picture of buildings & landscape.  Though they can’t capture how you feel once you’re actually standing here.  For something strange seems to happen.  This town’s like that favourite Aunt’s embrace – a type of magical haven where you can simply be yourself.  Which is a big part of why I think Sunday’s Reunion & Airing was so successful…for everyone!

Grim weather predictions had us a little worried though. For as each band of clouds swept in, we thought an early finish looming.  However, even occasional waves of rain didn’t deter anyone.  Instead, everyone simply picked up the nearest quilt, raced inside, and draped it around the fire.  Then, as the sun re-emerged, we all reversed the process.  The wonderful thing was nobody instigated or directed this group action.  It simply happened naturally – amidst lots and lots of laughter.

Laughter was everywhere that day.  I shared some with three cyclists who’s bikes stood leaning against Sugg’s. Our surrounding hills have hosted annual cycling races for decades, so we’re accustomed to cyclists being about.  Though these three smiling faces were familiar.  Naturally I asked their story.  Seems a few years ago two of them happened across the Reunion whilst out riding.  That was the year our photographer captured them on the front verandah of Sugg’s – large, piled plates balanced on lycra-clad knees, with huge grins on their faces.  This year, leaving nothing to chance they checked dates on our BtS webpage, rang a mate, then all three jumped on their bikes to cycle from Ballan. Arriving in perfect time for lunch, they’d taken up position near the kitchen and hadn’t stopped smiling (or eating) since.

Next year I’m giving them BtS Membership forms too!   

This day is all about traditions. One of my favourite being the Youngest & Oldest Attendees Competitions.  The prize for each child a book, and for each elder a little basket of hand-chosen goodies.  One strong local woman & historian, Jean Trotter, taught me long ago how special this competition was to attendees.  And after many, many years it’s become special to me too.  Especially so this year, when I spotted a teenager, Charlotte, with her mum Kelly.  Years ago, Charlotte (the great granddaughter of past residents Marg & Vinnie) won the Youngest Girl.  She still has her book.  This year, a very tall, smiling Charlotte returned….accompanied by a delicious rainbow cake she’d baked for our kitchen table.  A lovely reminder of how much this day means to so many.

Though I haven’t even mentioned quilts yet have I?  Oh my goodness.  Not hundreds, like some years, though what people did bring to ‘air’ were very special indeed.  Bettine (the mega force behind our Airings) blew us all away with her amazing quilts – ties, suits, labels - you name it and Bett can (and will) make it into a one-off quilting masterpiece.  I recall one visitor going from quilt to quilt loudly asking, “Is this for sale?  Oh, is this one for sale too? Or this one?”  They weren’t, though luckily a small ‘Welcome’ wall hanging was. 

One of our newest locals, Ali Cooper, also aired her own beautifully unique quilt.  Rather then have the family’s many award sashes for Prize Cow and Bull forgotten in a bag somewhere, she’d transformed them into a large, quilted heirloom.  Then, throughout the day, she, her daughter Lucinda, and a variety of passer-by’s (including my husband Terry) all spent time adding a fringe to this colourful creation.  Last I heard, Ali was contemplating matching cushions!

While Ali’s quilt was special, it was her friend, Lorenz, who won the prize for most unique quilt ever.  For Lorenz’s quilt was made from flattened teddy bears.  Accompanied by a matching chair…with footstool.  In all honesty, it was the most amazing creation I’d ever seen.  And, having grown up with teddy’s rather than dolls, I couldn’t resist sitting curled up in its soft embrace…Mmmm!   Seems many people felt the same, for this wonderful work of art was rarely empty. 

What a day it was.  Filled to overflowing with incredible moments.  Such as seeing the radiant smile spread across the face of Youngest Boy winner (four year old Spencer Lacey), on realizing he’d won a beautiful book.  Then being told he now wants to keep coming each year, so he can win the Oldest prize one day too!  Or watching the Youngest Girl winner (two year old Emma McMahon) listening spellbound as her Mum read her book aloud (for the third time in a row).  Listening as Ralph, (stationed in the Courthouse all day) kept a sea of visitors mesmerized with his wealth of local knowledge.  Hearing Kathy & Christine laughing as they ‘womaned’ the kitchen, dishing up plate after plate of Terry’s delicious mini sausage rolls, Gill’s tasty vegie slice and their own yummy sweets.  Catching comments from the open-mouthed international walking group who just happened upon us (one of whom wanted to buy all Bett’s quilts).  Then trying not to laugh as I realized guests were actually using the old Thunderbox, & emerging with grins (thanks to Peter’s huge cleaning efforts).  Smiling on learning Justin had made St. Paul’s his own and set up his fabulous photo display for all to enjoy. Watching Bett explain the finer details of quilt making to a totally enthralled hairy bearded bloke.  Or enjoying children’s laughter as it drifted on the breeze, while they played footy with their Dad.

Life can be so complicated sometimes.  So demanding it’s exhausting.  Here, there were no prices (“Just a donation”).  No application forms to fill out before hanging your quilts.  No ‘Schedule of Events’ to keep you glued to your watch.  Maybe that was the key.  Maybe it’s why the day was so magical.

None of us really know why this year was so different.  We just know everyone involved had a hand in making it what it was.   Therefore, I’d like to thank every single person who helped out.  To all those who donated their time, their cooking &/or cleaning skills.  As always, if not for each of you this unique tradition would quickly disappear.  The same must be said for all Attendees, some who travel from far afield.  Without you we ‘Steig-glitz-i-ans’ (another of Ali’s fabulous creations) wouldn’t have an event to enjoy.  It is each and every one of you who made (and continue to make) this Back to Steiglitz Reunion so wonderful.

On that note, we hope to see you again next year.  Until then, feel free to contact me if you’d like to do more than simply turn up, for we’d love you to have a hand in shaping this special day too.

With sunny Steiglitz smiles,  Lindy Allinson (and the entire BtS crew)  


2018 was another Steiglitz Reunion to Remember!   

As the Back to Steiglitz Reunion neared, all were getting excited.  Especially Lenny, our reigning ‘Silly Billy’ billy cart Champion.  With entry in hand, he eagerly knocked on Pete & Chris’s door, determined to win that coveted trophy (the golden toilet seat) three years in a row!   

However, Lenny left disappointed  ...   for this year everything was different.  To start with, we’d put the ‘Festival’ element on hold (including our famous billy cart race).  Why?  Two big reasons – our band of volunteer organisers (the Back to Steiglitz Association) were down on active members.  And none of us wrinkle-free!  Plus, for the first time, we all really wanted to actually enjoy the day.  Not simply race around like headless chooks.  For usually we’re so busy working we drop, red faced & exhausted, as the last car drives off.

So, 2018 was about going back to basics – focusing on the Reunion, and having fun!

And what a laughter-filled, fun day it was.

Picture it - town doors open & welcoming.  Hand-made bunting fluttering on breezes.  Mouth-watering bbq smells threading through hills. Tables groaning under delicious country baked goodies.  A glistening St. Paul’s offering seats & shade for those pouring over mountains of historical info. & photos.  And amidst it all, children’s laughter mingling with the excited chatter of old friends catching up.

To top it off, we had the best ‘Welcome to Country’ ever!  Our heartfelt thanks to Melinda & Lyndon, of the Wadawurrung Aboriginal Corporation, for the wonderful stories, beautiful didge playing, and smoking ceremony which ensured we all ‘smelt the same.’

Chris, Lyndon, Pete & Melinda during the Welcome to Country. 

With a history well over 100 years old, this is an incredible, local tradition.  One that’s our privilege to nurture and keep alive.  Something we couldn’t do without you.  Thank You to all those who helped make this day so special - whether by simply attending, buying a snag, providing family tales or rolling up your sleeves and jumping in.  Hopefully you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did.

  Winner of most beautiful female attendee, local historian Mrs Jean Trotter (who went to school in Steiglitz), being presented with her prize by Lindy.

On a final note, remember to keep late October 2019 free – for our world-famous, award-winning ‘Steiglitz Airing of the Quilts & Reunion’.  No billy cart race (sorry Lenny…maybe 2020) though still heaps of fun for everyone!

With the biggest of sunny Steiglitz smiles,                                                                                   

Lindy Allinson (Secretary of the Back to Steiglitz Association) and all the crew 

Steiglitz State School - Good News

Update - October 2017 - THE SCHOOL IS MOVING!

The new site for the old school is in Regent Street - uphill from the little white church, hard up against Cooper's Orchard.  The school will fit in behind the beautiful old peppercorns at the front of the orchard.

Parks Victoria will incorporate the unused piece Government road into the Steiglitz historic site once the road closure is complete. 

Why that site?

  • The school will sit lower then on other sites...a major concern for a building so much taller then other wooden structures in town. Meaning it will now blend in, rather then stand out.

  • Creates a little 'village green' feel with St. Paul's Church.  Not only great for BtS events, though perfect for future needs to pay for itself...through wedding/party hire.

  • Maintains the pattern of distance between existing town buildings.

  • Site isn't prone to flooding

  • Whatever toilet/water infrastructure is eventually installed, won't threaten Sutherland's Creek.

  • Gives the School a chance of bushfire survival.

  • Placing on an old road, it won't be covering a historic site.

  • Easy to protect from future vandalism.

  • It was also the only site which allowed the school front to face the road, and the doors to face St. Paul' just works!

Giant THANKS to each & every one who played role throughout this BtS goal.  

Attending meetings, passing on contacts, supplying water to the thirsty masses, keeping others in the loop, constantly supporting everyone, writing letters, making endless phone calls, turning up at the oddest places, digging up valuable information, inspiring us, and so much more.  


Update - 2 March 2017 - The site survey is scheduled for completion very soon and we will be looking at siting and orientation.


Being part of any community has both benefits and pitfalls.

18 January 2017 was at the top of my ‘benefit’s list.    It was amazing! 

The seed was sown 7 years ago, when the Back to Steiglitz Association (BtS) discovered the historic Steiglitz School was at risk.  The only way to save it was relocation. Though ‘how’ to get that achieved was a massive problem.

The years between then & now, have taken us on a frustratingly long and tiresome journey.  Our first member to take up the challenge (Chris Kempers) kept at it for 3 years.  Though being tossed from one government department to another left her dizzy & disheartened, so she quit.

I took up the challenge next.  Four years on, my head felt bruised from all the brick walls I kept banging into.  Like Chris, I began to feel as if my efforts were futile ... this school was never getting moved.

Until about a year ago, that is.  That was a year like no other ....  and one topped off with a cherry-of-a-day on 19 January.

After all these years,  at 10am on 18 January - Golden Plains Shire (GPS), Parks Victoria (PV), BtS, National Trust, CFA, various Doctors & Professors and numerous locals all met at the Bert Boardman Recreation Reserve.

Our collective aim?  To find three possible relocation sites for the Steiglitz School…in the heart of Steiglitz itself!

You should have seen us all.  Led by GPS wonders -  Greg Anders and Jill Evans, we armed ourselves with maps, hats, sensible shoes, great big grins, and icy cold water (thank you Joanne Burns of GPS), then set off.

A quick look at said school was a must, for many had never met this grand old dame in person.  Some, like Lyn & John Pierotti (National Trust), imagined it the cute little cottage many schoolhouses of that era were.  Whereas, built to cater to a bustling gold rush town,  the Steiglitz School is actually huge.  So, after a moment of awed silence and appreciation, photos and measurements were taken.  Then our convoy headed back to ‘town’…ready & rearin’ to find that perfect spot. 

With a population of 7 (total of Steiglitz residents when everyone’s home), our band of 30 strong was a sight to behold.  En masse we’d stop as each new site was suggested.  Without comment, someone’s long strides would measure it out, quickly followed by someone else, either Chris Smith (PV) or Dr Justin Oakley (Monash Uni), pulling out an ancient map or two. Around which we’d quickly huddle, eager to discover whether this site was a viable option.  

Local Steiglitz-ites, Colin Smithyman, Phil Dickson, Peter Sharp and myself, added our knowledge about which buildings had once stood there.  Dale Aston & Tim Waller (GPS) mixed in relevant surveying or permit points.  Maude CFA members, Ralph & Kathy Nordin, were a wealth of fire knowledge & considerations.  Topped off by Stuart Lardner with a touch of PV’s perspective. 

At one point a large mullock heap in the centre of town offered Paul Roser (PV), Maude local Dr Gray (Deakin Uni), Kathryn Oakley, and Steiglitz locals Bill & Roz Speirings, the perfect viewing point to discuss the lay of the land.  While Cooper’s Orchard offered another perspective for our Maude, She Oaks, Steiglitz Community Planning Group reps (Alan & Pauline Tournier) and animated BtS members, Kathy Mar, Sue Roden, Gill Dickson, Chris McKenzie and Jack Boardman.  And although my husband, Terry, said he was talking with the other BtS members, his stained hands make me think he’d momentarily snuck off to enjoy Mrs Cooper’s mulberries!

Apart from one old hippy in the mulberry tree, thinking back on what we must have all looked like, the term ‘poetry in motion’ comes to mind.  Sounds daft I know, though this was a very special moment indeed.

At no other point in the 7 years had all these groups come together, or even come close to working as smoothly as we all did that morning.  Suddenly, we were as one.  What, for years, couldn’t be decided upon, was nutted out in minutes.  There’s no other word for it apart from ‘incredible.’

So incredible I really felt the need to share it with all of you.  For this is not just a BtS achievement, it’s a community achievement.  Many of you reading this right now had a hand in making such a special moment happen.

Our GPS CEO, Rod Nicholls…what can we say about you Rod, besides - you’re a priceless asset.  Having a CEO who loves his community as much as you do, has been a rare gift indeed.   A giant ‘thank you’ for all you’ve done.  Ex-Mayor Jenny Blake…there’s a touch of your special magic in there too Jen.  Then there’s our wonderful Dr Fiona Gray…you really got the ball rolling last year when you wrote a paper on the school’s plight.  We love you so much Fi we’re considering increasing our official Steiglitz population to 8…lol.  Parks Victoria…your recent support for this has been both vital, and so encouraging for we who had almost given up.

Though there’s also many more who own a part of this accomplishment.  All those who signed our petitions.  Those who attended BtS fundraising events each year.  Strangers who, after reading an article on the school, spread the word amongst their friends.  And then there’s the very special individuals, like young Thomas Welsh.  

Thomas, a Grovedale lad (and newest BtS member), seems to have taken the BtS under his wing.  For while most young boys would be playing outside during their holidays, Thomas was helping our plight by ‘sending letters to politics to save the school’, as his Christmas card told us.  Brilliant!

Before I go, I’ll share one last little snippet.

Our favourite relocation site was one with a rather smile-inducing twist.  Turns out Steiglitz residents had been trying to get this very same school moved into town more than a hundred years ago.  We found their original petition.  Guess where they wanted it moved to?  Yep!

With ridiculously happy Steiglitz grins,                                                                                            

Lindy Allinson and the Back to Steiglitz Association.


If you’d like to keep up with exciting School developments, get involved yourself, or even become a BtS member and keep an eye on our website for progress and more info -


A Community Celebration – The Back to Steiglitz Festival - Sunday 29 October

The next Back to Steiglitz Festival is planned for October 2023.  

As aptly quirky as the little ghost town itself, there’s something to delight everyone: gold panning, a blacksmith, Stalls, kids games, country baking, guided walking tour, musicians, engines, lace making, raffles, a BBQ, historical displays, the famous action-packed Steiglitz Billy Cart Races, and more!

With free entry, and prices that won’t break the bank, there was something for everyone plus  helping the Back to Steiglitz Association (BTS) do what they do best – save the town’s historic buildings from tumbling down and disappearing forever.

Though this Festival isn’t just a fundraiser for Steiglitz. Or simply a reunion.  It’s a real coming together of groups from many different towns … a reflection of our wider community.  And by attending you’ll be showing your support for all those families who make this such a great place to live.

Some of us may be lucky enough to not realize how much that can mean.  While others know that the smallest gesture of community support can make a world of difference.

For more about our previous Back to Steiglitz Festivals

  • Buy a snag and help the Maude CFA. 
  • Yummy scones and jam will mean the Anakie PFA can give their kids a better education.
  • Entering the Billy Cart Races will be broadening the horizons of local scouts and cubs. 
  •  Enjoying high tea at Peppercorn Place Café will be supporting a wonderful woman building up her tiny business. 
  • Visiting the Steiglitz Historical Society’s Museum will inspire their volunteers to keep up all their hard work. 
  • And enjoying mouthwatering home cooking from Sugg’s tiny blacksmith’s cottage will enable the BTS to finish painting St. Paul’s Church.
  • Volunteer for a 2-hour shift and share any ideas you have to assist our small group and the success of the Festival.

So come on everyone, let’s all get behind this terrific little event, and do what country people are famous for - supporting our neighbours. 

Get involved  -.  More information about the Festival as well as forms and information for stalls and billy cart entries can be downloaded - see right.   Send us an email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or ring Lindy on 5281 9390

Back to Steiglitz Festival is put on by a group of volunteers.  We’ve been around a long time, and are about much more than raising money.  We’re about socializing, learning & sharing skills, fun, respect, friendship, and above all lots and lots of laughter.  Become a welcome member of this award winning association!

More info on competition

The aim - to sew a pennant…in one hour.

Yep, you heard right, you have one whole hour in which to create your bunting masterpiece!

Though don’t panic, for it can all be pre-cut beforehand, at home.

To make it fair, each pennant is to be a uniform size…12 inches by 14 inches.

Your Steiglitz design can be on one side.  It may be pinned in place only…no tacking allowed.  

In keeping with the Olde Worlde theme, no iron on, or glue to be used please.

All hand-crank machines will be pre-threaded. You may re-thread a machine if you want to use another colour, though it is to be done within your one hour sewing time.

When your hour is up, attach your name, then hand your finished pennant to the judges.


A group lesson can be arranged (at no cost) for anyone a little unsure of their abilities.  The lesson would possibly be at 9 am on the morning of the event.                                                      

Ring Lindy to discuss and book a place.  

Keep in mind, both hosts (Judi & Wayne of Sew What) assure us these machines are easy to use.


Everyone knows, no matter how careful we are, sometimes accidents happen.                                                  

In order to minimize any mishaps during this competition, spectators will be kept out of the sewing area.                                                                                                                     

Remember, a free lesson is on offer if you’re worried about using these sewing machines.                  

It’s also helpful if you have a clear plan in mind prior to sitting at the machines.  Know what you want to do, work within the safety guidelines required for operation of these machines, and everything should go smoothly.

 However, if an incident does occur due to human error, please know neither the Back to Steiglitz Association, nor Wayne & Judi McKail of Sew What, will be held responsible.  


There are no age restrictions in this wonderful competition.                                               

However, all minors wanting to enter need a responsible adult to accompany them.                                          

That same adult will take responsibility for the safety of that minor throughout the entire hour of sewing.


Fun! Fun! And more fun!

That’s right.  We, the Back to Steiglitz Association, and Judi & Wayne McKail, INSIST you enjoy yourselves when participating in this weird & wacky competition.

It’s essential.  No ifs, buts, or maybes about it!


Love the idea of this competition? Though your sewing skills leave much to be desired?              

Wayne & Judi have thought up something for you too.  

They have a quirky old machine embroidery machine.  So, for a gold coin donation, you can purchase one of the pre-cut pennants and have it personalized.  You can then watch as Judi adds it to the longest length of bunting ever created on a treadle & crank sewing machines in Steiglitz!  

If what you’ve just read has your cheeks hurting with all the smiling, then  fill out this entry form.

Remember, not just teams can enter.  Perhaps you’re a family whose sewing skills cross generations.      

If so, enter as a team!   

Have you seen this trophy?

Silly Billy Award

The Back to Steiglitz Association is seeking the whereabouts of our magnificent, locally hand-crafted trophy.

Each Festival, winners of our ‘Old Fogies’ (or Silly-Billy) Billy cart race get their name etched into the back of this beautiful piece of history.  After which they have two whole years to relish their reign…with the help of our awesome trophy.  

Then, and although we understand this is heartbreaking for some, it must be returned to our loving care.  For the next Champion eagerly awaits!

With our Festival fast approaching we’re beginning to panic.  How can you crown a new king if you can’t locate the crown?

This problem has never arisen before.  Though somehow, we neglected to record the last ecstatic winner’s name (pictured).  Meaning, we now know not where our beloved trophy is!

So if this unique piece of art has pride of place in YOURS or your mate’s shed, then please contact me asap.  For without it the Steiglitz Billycart Race just won’t be the same.

With earnest appreciation,

Lindy Allinson  5281 9390 

Steiglitz State School

The Back to Steiglitz Association has been trying to save part of Australia’s heritage - an irreplaceable school building.  

Steiglitz is described in a 2013 Heritage Report as ‘one of the most important early gold rush towns in Victoria.  Amongst the best ghost towns in the country, it’s also the last town in Victoria without electricity.  Over 60,000 tourists enjoy its serene bush setting annually. Steiglitz boasts a handful of historic buildings, one designed by renowned architect Henry Bastow.  

However it's school is missing and could be relocated back into the Steiglitz community.  

Once beautiful and larger than a normal school for that time -  to cater for a bustling gold rush town, this schoolhouse as seen above in around 1890s has been neglected so long it’s now derelict.   

The Back to Steiglitz Association is keen to use their resources and raise the funds required to relocate the school - if and when a location has been identified and approved  

............ and time is running out for this building. 

This school is part of their community.  


Historical authorities agree with BtS - this building is special.  Their detailed management plans, academic papers, and reports confirm the importance of this town.  Filled with facts, figures and citations, their expert opinions add weight to the worth of every building in Steiglitz - especially its school.

Presently in an isolated location where it was moved to in 1980, it is continuously vandalized.  BtS believe the school won’t survive where it is.  It is on land owned by the Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning  - and the school building was gifted to BtS a few years ago on one proviso; it be moved.  

BtS began searching for a new site.  Everyone jumped on board – Shire, Engineering Consultants, local land owners, a renowned Doctor of Architecture, even politicians.  

Dr. Fiona Gray, Deakin University’s Faculty of Science Engineering and Built Environment, in her July 2016 paper focuses on this very school and discusses the difficulties faced when protecting historic buildings.  How complications, such as cost and planning, can make custodial inertia an easier option then conservation. Dr. Gray asks whether this plays a role in the severe state of disrepair seen in many historic sites today.  Posing an interesting question: should such custodial neglect be viewed as a form of demolition? 

However although a site was found in about 2013 it appeared the hurdles were not yet over until some real progress was made on 19 January 2017






Golden Plains Arts Trail

The Back to Steiglitz Art Group is featuring in the Arts Trail 2014 - at St Paul's Church.  A great opportunity to visit historic Steiglitz town.  Suggs Blacksmith Cottage will also be open for afternoon tea break on your travels. 

See flyer for full Arts Trail program.  Experience open studios & creative spaces in a diverse rural setting. Annual Art tour & weekend adventure in March, between Geelong & Ballarat.

What's New?

2023 Back to Steiglitz Reunion

Sunday 29 October from 10am to 2pm


Over 100 years ago people with a connection to this little town, gathered together on the last Sunday in October to share laughs, food, and stories. And we’re happy to say, that tradition will be continuing this year … at Steiglitz Township, Sunday 29th October, 10 am - 2 pm. 

You’ll find the town’s buildings open, a feast of yummy country home cooking; a fabulous stall of kangaroo hide goods by local indigenous woman, Nikki; enjoy a book launch; get to browse through all the ever-increasing folders of family stories & photos; win a prize in our traditional Youngest & Oldest attendee competition; and have the opportunity to walk down streets once bustling & crowded with over 3000 miners, shopkeepers, and the odd bushranger or two.

This is a fun day to bring the whole family along.  We look forward to seeing you all there. 




AN EXCITING NEW GRANT                                 

We of the Back to Steiglitz Association (BtS) are excited to share some good news with you all – we just got a $3000 grant 

Yes, thanks to huge efforts from our newest member and neighbour, David McKellar, the Australian Government’s Culture, Heritage & Arts Regional Tourism (CHART) Program approved our application.

Meaning, BtS can now look at purchasing, then installing a fabulously exciting digital display in the Steiglitz Courthouse – yippee! 

For many who drive through Steiglitz you may wonder why we’d bother.  After all, blink and you’re already on the other side of this quirky little town.  However, prior to lockdowns Parks Vic figures recorded around 200,000 visitors per annum enjoy all Brisbane Ranges offer, including Steiglitz.

While lockdowns saw those figures plummet, our newfound freedoms mean they’re rapidly rising again.  These visitors have brought a new wave of interest in our little group, and all we achieve.  

So, smile-filled thanks to both David & CHART for making such an exciting development possible for 2022.

Stay tuned!