Steiglitz Reunion & Airing of the Quilts 2019

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Now we are right into planning 2019 - so don't miss it!     Sunday 27 October 2019.

More information to come but here is some info on last year.

2018 was another Steiglitz Reunion to Remember!   

As the Back to Steiglitz Reunion neared, all were getting excited.  Especially Lenny, our reigning ‘Silly Billy’ billy cart Champion.  With entry in hand, he eagerly knocked on Pete & Chris’s door, determined to win that coveted trophy (the golden toilet seat) three years in a row!   

However, Lenny left disappointed  ...   for this year everything was different.  To start with, we’d put the ‘Festival’ element on hold (including our famous billy cart race).  Why?  Two big reasons – our band of volunteer organisers (the Back to Steiglitz Association) were down on active members.  And none of us wrinkle-free!  Plus, for the first time, we all really wanted to actually enjoy the day.  Not simply race around like headless chooks.  For usually we’re so busy working we drop, red faced & exhausted, as the last car drives off.

So, 2018 was about going back to basics – focusing on the Reunion, and having fun!

And what a laughter-filled, fun day it was.

Picture it - town doors open & welcoming.  Hand-made bunting fluttering on breezes.  Mouth-watering bbq smells threading through hills. Tables groaning under delicious country baked goodies.  A glistening St. Paul’s offering seats & shade for those pouring over mountains of historical info. & photos.  And amidst it all, children’s laughter mingling with the excited chatter of old friends catching up.

To top it off, we had the best ‘Welcome to Country’ ever!  Our heartfelt thanks to Melinda & Lyndon, of the Wadawurrung Aboriginal Corporation, for the wonderful stories, beautiful didge playing, and smoking ceremony which ensured we all ‘smelt the same.’

Chris, Lyndon, Pete & Melinda during the Welcome to Country. 

With a history well over 100 years old, this is an incredible, local tradition.  One that’s our privilege to nurture and keep alive.  Something we couldn’t do without you.  Thank You to all those who helped make this day so special - whether by simply attending, buying a snag, providing family tales or rolling up your sleeves and jumping in.  Hopefully you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did.

  Winner of most beautiful female attendee, local historian Mrs Jean Trotter (who went to school in Steiglitz), being presented with her prize by Lindy.

On a final note, remember to keep late October 2019 free – for our world-famous, award-winning ‘Steiglitz Airing of the Quilts & Reunion’.  No billy cart race (sorry Lenny…maybe 2020) though still heaps of fun for everyone!

With the biggest of sunny Steiglitz smiles,                                                                                   

Lindy Allinson (Secretary of the Back to Steiglitz Association) and all the crew